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1000 FPS on CentOs 5
Ive been trying to setup 1000fps 100tick servers on centos5 but havent been able to achieve it. The kernel is setup to run 1000mhz but everything i try doesnt work. Ive setup a couple game servers started them up and when i check the fps in rcon it shows it running at 500 then check in a couple seconds and it shows 333 and just keeps changing back and forth. Does anyone know what could be wrong and how i could get 1000fps servers running?
what are the systems specs? and what mobo model?
Its a remote dedicated server so unsure of mb model but its a Core2Quad Q6600 4096MB DDR2 RAM.
Kind of need to know some more specs about the mobo, I am not too sure, but some mobo's just won't run it. I honestly try to stay away from 1000fps servers, so I don't know the details, but definitely not everything will run it.
Ya not sure bout the mb, Can contact the company the server is from but who knows if they have access or will tell me. Thats the problem with renting dedicated servers, never know what its running on.
try using the param.h and jiffies file editing. Ive found some distros wont boost it by only changing the 1000hz option in the kernel.
ask the company what mobo it is and ill and try and get you a 'checklist' for your kernel build.
64bit version of centos?
i read somewhere here that 64bit linux can output only 333fps
I'm sure there is a program like CPU-Z for linux.

On windows that gives you the MB make and model.
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