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Server Laggy
I believe it might be a proc problem (and I hope it isn't since it's a dedicated server and I can't really swap procs)

Server Stats:
AMB Athlon XP 2100 (1.72 ghz)
1 GIG Ram
Windows 2003 Server (Web Edition)
Hard Drive ATA 7200rpm's

The box was designed and functions as a webserver (running IIS / MySQL) so this is a secondary use. Hopefully it can do dual roles

The connection is 10mbit and I havn't really tweaked it at all. What optimizations can be done to solve this problem.

Server gets a bit shakey when more than 8 or so people get on. But, neither CPU nor RAM are being max'd out

(Note: I'm going to be cross-posting to Steam when they activate my account. Hopefully thats against the rules)
Thats not against the rules, so don't worry.
Try tweaking your sv_maxupdaterate, but you might need to upgrade the CPU.
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I would agree about the CPU, if you weren't running IIS and or MySQL then the cpu would probably be fine. Might wanna try defragging the hard drive as well. when was the server last rebooted?
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