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srcds coexistence problem
Hi all,

i've posted in the mailing list and thought i would post the question here aswell.. hope you all dont mind but i really really need help..

doing some monitoring on the servers we have noticed that srcds does not co-exist well with other game server it might be a setup issue our side so any help would be great....

just running 5 instances of srcds and having all the servers full, the cpu load goes to max 25%, as soon as we launch either a CoD4 or UT3 server the cpu usage goes to the 90's.. we have changed the affinite's of the servers so that the tf2 servers run off the first 3 cores and CoD4 and 2 x UT3 servers run off core 4 now. The first 3 cores are almost maxed out while core 4 it sitting nice at around 15%.

running on windows 2003 sp2 q6600, 4gb mem

Thanks all for any help Smile

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