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Hey Guys,

Been a while since I posted here but I need help with finding the best deal with a dedicated box. Here are some deals I was offered all with 100mb port. Comes with internap bandwidth and some Quest. Maybe there will be a better deal in a month since I have that long to get it since I just renewed.

Dual Processor, Quad Core Xeon 5405, 4GB RAM, 2000GB bandwidth, and 2 x 250GB SATA II HDD for $299/month, $0 setup

Single Processor, Quad Core Xeon 5310 servers with 4GB RAM, 2 X 250GB SATA, 2000GB bandwidth and 100Mbps uplink for $210/month

Any modifications or ideas? I currently have NFO and pay 100 for a 24 slot server, i want more servers and my own box.
Well there are many out there that sell dedicated servers.
NFO has a deal on for their dedicated box, I here alot of good things about them.
299$ for One Xeon X3350 processor (four 2.66ghz cores on a 1333mhz FSB)
4096 MB RAM (DDR2-800)
250 GB, 7200 RPM SATA hard drive
I know a few people running over 6 servers that are pretty full on that same box.
You also get the nice support that you now get with NFO.
If you have a lot of time, you might want to get something from another company.
If you do not have alot of time to fix and setup things all the time I would say Rent something from a company that deals with what you want.
Running your own you get alot of downtime if something goes wrong. Nothing is worse for a server then downtime.
Also switching to their own box I'm sure they would keep your old server up for a month with the new server info which would help alot in the move.
With NFO you pay a bit more then other places but you don't hear people leaving them very much because better service is worth the extra money. Wink
Hi Jake,

I know that stuff, I dont want to stick with NFO. They are a ripoff and their support is no better than my prior knowledge of SRCDS. My 1 server is on its own box right now. Its not who i go to its what I should get for the price, better deal thats above.
Well in that case, how many servers do you want to run? You also want to be carefull not to go over that bandwidth because 99% of companys charge like 12$per mb over something stupid like that. Smile
I would go with the first option, one of my servers is a bit better then that. It should run a few nice tf2 servers for you.
It pretty much comes down to what do you want. Or need.
If you're interested, I could get you a deal with a Q6600 4Gb ram and 2 x 250Gb Sata harddrives with 2000gb bandwidth on 100mb connection.
Running Linux $260 a month.
2,000mb is suppose to be fine for quad cores. The Q6600 isnt a server chip so it doesnt have the performance features Xion have. I gotta open up a few new servers, I hate getting bord with just one!
Well if you know anything about srcds Smile It runs better with the Q6600 vs the Xeons. Alot of people have major issues with their Xeons.
I know the Q clan runs two 32man Servers on their Q6600's That takes up their 2Tb of bandwidth. Then again that clan has their servers full 24/7.
Tf2 tends to use more cpu and bandwidth. Dual quads I think would be a waste of money with only 2TB of bandwidth because just a single quad you could max it out. Just a few pointers.
The host doesnt offer Q6600s only Xeons and Opterons. I dont know what I want to run on them yet as far as slot amount but im aiming for 4 servers and 1 private.
The cheaper single Quad core server should be able to hold that pretty easy.
It's also a bit cheaper for you. Thats should hold 4x 24 slot servers. Not like they will all be full 24/7 so you should be good with it.
This is a classic haha

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