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Rpg admin,
hey is it possible to get rpgadmin? to give people max lvl?
no idea. check the forums of whatever rpg addon your using
found it (A)
lol can't be rpgadmin..well go to server.cfg..and write anywhere
rcon_password "your password"
and then when you play on your server you will press-->
rcon_password the password that you put in server.cfg without ""
example-->rcon_password noob1234
and then press-->rcon rpg_help..
it will show you a list with rpg give all upgrades(max all) it's rcon rpg_giveall name
example-->rcon rpg_giveall Jack
sorry for double posting i forgot to tell you that all these it in consol..
press ~ ..if it doesn't work press Esc,options,keybord,advanced,check the line that says Enable consol or ~ something like that..

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