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CPU limit?
I have Dual Xeon 2.4 - SCSI server 4 cores in total

my srcds garrys mod server cpu usage will not go above 25% it stays almost exactly at that the whole time this causes a lot of lag on the server, It is not limited to only one core, it is currently limited to 2 cores and uses about half of each of them, is this some srcds limit if so can i change it
As far as I know, multi-core support still hasn't been added in SRCDS, so it'll still only take advantage of one core properly. This is what you're experiencing.
The cpu monitor doesn't show more cpu being used in one of the cores though

.png   2.PNG (Size: 28.77 KB / Downloads: 10)
.png   1.PNG (Size: 30.31 KB / Downloads: 15)

Here are screen shots of the system monitor

It will never go above 25% even though the server really needs it

Its windows server 2003 R2 btw

Note: i have to use windows because im hosting garrysmod which has no binaries

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