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"Stats" CPU
When you type "stats" in the console and it shows how much CPU you are using, is that for a single core or combined? I'm running on Ubuntu, if that matters.
i know with my system its right on the usage of a single core. Ive had setups in the past where it wasnt correct. So id just compare stats and a top run through ssh and compare
good, because an 8 core server shouldn't have a 60% CPU load with 1 server across all cores Smile

tyvm. just confirming
From what I understand, SRCDS won't use more than one core anyway, so it would have to be just the core the server is running on.
yeah its per core Big Grin
I've just finished this CPU statistics plugin for Munin. You can download it directly from This might help you assign high-usage game servers on separate cores so none of the cores run out of steam.

Let me know if you install the statistics plugin.

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