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TF2 LAN Listen Server problem
I have TF2 installed on 4 of my computers. I have gotten each one of them to connect to the LAN server (a listen server) ONE time. Each time that one of them has disconnected (for example, someone just quit), and I try to reconnect it says "No servers are running on your LAN" (or something like that). Restarts of the server nor the computer its self affects it. I use a D-Link router. I thought maybe it might have something to do with ports or firewall settings, but that wouldn't explain why I can connect the first time without problem, but cannot after that.
are you on a wireless network?
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Mooga Wrote:are you on a wireless network?

No. Actually it's mixed. One of the computers I've tried to connect with the most is wired. The host is wired, too.

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