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Server gets unavailible after some time
Hi guys,

I am trying to run a Garry's Mod server on a Windows 2000 system. Before me and my team moved providers we used a WIndows server running in a Linux wine environment - our new server system is a little more complicated.

On a Linux server is running which has the external IP 78.46.x.x (static I just won't tell the last digits ^^) - this server forwards all UDP and TCP data of 27000 to 27100 (I know overkill) to where the Windows 2000 server (Win 2000 professional) is running (using iptables). Now the strange thing is: the server runs.. it works.. but we can only play for some hours.. then we have connection problems.. disconnect..

and well.. the server times out on the favorites list - not connectable anymore.. according to netstat on the server itself (when I remote desktop it) - it is still listening on 27015 - just even when I start Steam on this machine - it is neither showing up in the LAN list, not in the favorites when I enter or . But the server console is still there and the server is "sure" all clients have timed out - even writing on the server console still works. Okay.. so I close it.. and reopen it.. the command to start is btw:

srcds.exe -game garrysmod +mayplayers 8 +sv_gamemod sandbox +map freespace06_v2-1 -console -secure

srcds.exe is taken from the orangebox folder as GMod uses the OrangeBox engine!

Well.. after closing and reopening.. it works again.. but of course everything we did on it is lost.

For testing purposes I even did the following.. I installed a mini Apache server - port 8080 - and the TCP port for it is also forwarded by iptables.. great.. this works.. all the time.. no timeouts.

So.. it seems to me srcds.exe is doing some listening error. It just isn't aware of it or so.

The timeframe until it disappears is completely variable.. sometimes it's just 10 minutes.. sometimes several hours.. and it seems if I just start it and do not join.. it lives for days.. once a player joins.. few hours remain.. I yesterday did a multijoin of 6 players.. die in 5 minutes.

Any ideas?

Thank you,

Julian "Link"

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