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Admin Console for TF2 DS
I installed MetaMod then SourceMod over it. It doesnt seem to have all the features I am looking for. I want a ranking system, ways to customize the game if I wanted to (Anti-Grav. for all players, faster shooting, faster walking, extra health, extra ammo, etc...), make admins with different rights, ban people, instant respawn feature (off/on switch), easy access to the admin menu with haveing to go to console and type the admin menu command just to make it appear (would prefer to press a function key or another key to open it up). -Anything I am missing?-

Any suggestions??

-Also, what is VAC and how do people get banned for hacks/scripts? Does modding my server get it blacklisted or anything? Can I remove the meatmod and sourcemod easily? What is RCON and how does it apply to mods?
SourceMod is the mod of choice for the things you mentioned. Look at the forums for plugins. I haven't used SM much, however, so I can't answer many questions.

Your server will NOT get blacklisted. Steam doesn't do that. If they did, all the people who were running hacked 32 man servers (before they allowed it) would have had their servers banned.
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I got some of it figured out. How do I:
-Increase the walking speed of all the players
-Increase the starting health of all players
-Faster shooting for all players

I also was on someones server where they would "swim" in midair instead of walking. Wasnt "No Clip" because it was a constant height. What plugin did they have?
I found this but I dont know how to integrate it:
Here is my server:
Is there a way to tell what mods a server is running if you connect to it? Also, can you tell what their server.cfg looks like by playing on their server?
If you type in the servers ip into HLSW it tells you what mods they are running. Smile
Also a few other their settings in server.cfg
When I try that, it NEVER send the authentication code for me to signup. I tried two different emails. Does someone have this program and want to help me out?
Just login offline, they seem to suckass with their signup code.

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