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mani menu closes after select
hi guys <3

when i select something at the meni menu screen, it dissapears(closes) but i heard u can say the he stays all the time(so that u can kick all the people in 1 time and not everytime have to open the screen again)

so here my question:
ho do i do that?

- insanesurfer
check the mani_server.cfg file
ye i did , i could find anything, is there a command that isnt in the mani_server of server.cfg that i have to put in?
its in mani_server.cfg
you didnt look hard enough.

try doing a find for the word close.
// If you want the menus to close automatically after making a select like
// slay, freeze etc, set this to 1. If you wish them to stay open set this to 0
mani_old_style_menu_behaviour 0

see? that is it right? i got it to 0? whats wrong?
hello? can anybody help me? plz
please be a little more patient. an hour isn't enough time to get impatient

thats the right setting. set it to zero and you should be good.

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