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No guns on AIM maps
anyone that is running aim maps! have you noticed that there are no weapons on these maps since the update or is that just me. I have reran the update but nothing is working
Same for me.. I cant run any aim maps any more Sad The wepons is on the flor att the begining of the game and when the game starts the wepons disapair..
I read over at steampowered that you can add

mp_freezetime 0

to your server.cfg but this will affect all maps
If you've got Mani, you can add a specific .cfg file for each map.
Ex. \<SRCDS Folder>\cstrike\cfg\mani_admin_plugin\map_config\<mapname without .bsp>.cfg. In that cfg you just write what commands you want to use with that map Smile.
The problem they are referring to is really old and has been fixed by valve some time ago
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