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what distribution to use?
Im new to linux, and i was thinking of what distribution i should use.
All i want is to set up a dedicated counter strike source server. But i have never used linux before, so i don't know what distribution is good at being server and is easy to use. I was thinking of following this guide to set up the server but i don't know what distribution that supports it :S

So if someone can tell me what i should use, i would be very happy Big Grin
Any modern distribution (distro) of Linux supports srcds.

CentOS is primarily aimed at servers and many use it. However I prefer Debian.
Oki, thanks for the help, then I'll take a look at Debian.
I would recommend CentOS.
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oki, but if you could help me out, because im not sure where to get CentOS, i can't really find anything on their page, but could you, or anyone else, be so kind to give me a link, to where i can get the right version of CentOS ? That would help me alot.
Here you go sir.

I'll make the assumption you don't want 64 bit.

Download the ISO's and burn.
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Thanks for the help, this makes it alot easier for me Smile
Ubuntu SERVER 8.04 beta.
I have to say ubuntu is pretty good for noobs.
If you wait a few more days Ubuntu Server 8.04 will be out. Smile
Think I am going to use it for my next 5 servers I buy.
Any binary-based distro would do the trick for you. What matters most to me is the package management system. Yum(CentOS) can be a little wonky sometimes for my tastes, so I prefer apt/aptitude (Debian/Ubuntu). I also like Debian because it is a more minimal install than CentOS. Just remember to apt-get install openssh-server Smile
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Yeah what Script said. The Yum was a piss off for me, updates would take a good 5 hours to download. I had to setup a few config files and tell it what locations to download the updates from. I went back to Ubuntu after 3 days with Fedora.
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