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Motd Scroll Bar
I just setup a couple of motds on my servers and seem to be having a problem with the scroll bar.The scroll bar on the dod:s server is showingup with a pink/black checkerboard look.Thanks.
I'd edit the motd so that it doesn't require scrolling.

And in reality, most people arent going to both to scroll it if it does.

And if you insist on using scroll bars, I'd use a fixed-size div with scroll bar so you can have scrolling, but not use the motd scrollers.
Goerge, I was looking for a code snippet last night to get rid of scroll bars. How do you keep from having scrollbars? I am just using a single image for mine.

Most people don't see them, but I run a low resolution, and I would like to prevent them for myself and other players with a low res as well.

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