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Is it possible to serve custom player models in Deathmatch?
Is it possible to automatically serve custom player models? This seems a fairly basic question to which I'm having a lot of problems finding an answer.

In HL2 Deathmatch locally I put my custom player models here:

and I put my custom player textures here:

I want to put my player models on the server and for the models and textures to be downloaded to clients automatically. I've tried putting them in folders with the same names on the server but nothing happens -- no download. I have sv_downloadurl activated.

I'm sure I'm missing something really basic here. In which folders should my player models and textures go on the server? Or does this required some scripting?
In CS:S I'd do a .RES file with all the custom content included, otherwise it wouldn't download at all. I suppose it's the same with Deathmatch, I can't see how they can differ too much?
I believe mani supports something like this, but I'm not entirely sure how it works

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