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cvarlist exporting problems
in order to create an up to date listing of current cvars for tf2 on srcds on win2k3; i've issued:

cvarlist log cvarlist.txt

though it prints correctly to screen (in the terminal,) the resulting file is unreadable... it will open and contain blocks of the correct text but with lots of... i guess you could say artifacts? here's a sample:

Quote:weapon to fire.""bot_jump","0 ",,,"GAMEDLL","CHEAT",,,,,,,,,,,,,,"Force all bots to repeatedly jump.""bot_kill","cmd",,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,"<bot id>. Kills bot." "bot_mimic","0 ",,,"GAMEDLL",,,,,,,,,,,,,,,"Bot uses usercmd of player by index.""bot_mimic_yaw_offset","180 ",,,"GAMEDLL",,,,,,,,,,,,,,,"Offsets the bot yaw.""bot_randomnames","0 ",,,"GAMEDLL","CHEAT",,,,,,,,,,,,,,"" "bot_refill","cmd",,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,"Refill all

making it absolutely worthless =/

i'm aware their are published version of this on the web, but i would like to have an up-to-date copy for my server. any constructive responses welcome Big Grin

edit: spelling
use hlsw, just put in cvarlist, and copy the output.
i'm looking more for a *fix* rather then a workaround, but failing any other suggestions i just might have to =/
actually, there is a lot of hidden cvars with tf2 that will not show up with cvarlist.

This will print em all

Drawback is that it doesn't give you the descriptions of the vars if it's included.

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