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Can only start secds with cmd prompt
[/color][color=#FF0000] All right guys I have downloaded all the files I can run the server but I cannot do it outside of cmd prmpt any help?
Please use the search, you were very brief in your description, perhaps provide a little more detail?
Ok i have checked the forums for a solution. I havent found one. What i have a problem with is i can only start the server with the run command c:\srcds\srcds.exe -console -game cstrike +map de_dust -maxplayers 16 -autoupdate. I was wondering why i cant run the server the other way with just clicking the exe..
Have you created a shortcut to your SRCDS?
What do you mean like on my desktop?because i have tried taking from the folder to desktop and i get the error .ddl was not loaded. And when i clcik on it in the folder i see a little bit of a flicker but then nothing happens.
No, go to where you saved SRCDS.exe, right click it and create a shortcut in that directory, then once you have the shortcut, right click it and add: -console -game cstrike.. behind the srcds.exe target line. Then try clicking your shortcut to launch the server.
Is this it C:\srcds\srcds.exe -console -game cstrike-source
I'll post you a picture of what mine looks like in an edit of this post.

[Image: t1691315_target.jpg]

Basically, the line you were putting into your command prompt, put behind the srcds.exe in the target line of your shortcut.
Thanks a million bud realy thank you. No to tackkle my porting thing ltr mr8t
PM me if you need any help with port forwarding, glad to help.

EDIT: Here's a really good tut on installing a SRCDS using HLDSUpdateTool:
I allso cant use a config file where dose that go HELP ME!!!!! im a nub at this
Ok, go to your server's directory and find the cstrike folder. In there there should be a folder called cfg.

Go here to make a server.cfg:

Follow the instructions on how to add your server.cfg
Ok i have the base done i have a config i want so what now just copy the txt. file to my cstrike config folder or what
Copy the text into a notepad file, and save it as server.cfg into cstrike\cfg. Make sure you DONT save it as a .txt file.
Yes sir thank you

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