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Max Players!
I have been googleing to try and find how to get the max players up to 33 or 32, i dont care. Because if i just change

+maxplayers 24

to anything else it just puts us in the Costom tabs.

I know there is a way to do it but everything i am finding on google is out of date, and the ones that are not out of date just link to nothing lol.

Could someone tell me in simpleton terms, how to do it lol. I would appreciate that if someone tells me then they wil keep it up to date because i am aware that when Valve updates TF2 then you need to make the changes again, i would really not like to have 33 or 32 player slots for one week and then have Valve bring out a new update, so who ever gives me a link, please give me a link to one that is constantly up to date, if its not a link then please keep me up to date, i would really appreciate that very much.

Thank you very much, and i look forward to seeing your replies.


- David

PS: The Server is Linux lol.
i need to start populating my server soon, please tell me lol.
So you want to have 32 slots, but be on the internet tab? sneaky.

There is a sourcemod plugin that forces the value of sv_tags to "" every frame.

Some people say it increases their CPU load, some people say it doesn't, but it works to keep your server on the internet tab.

go to the plugins section and search for "svtags"
Nothing is coming up that i can see. Sad

sorry, should have said sv_tags

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