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Need an outside check...
So I've configured my server (for TF2), and I think that it's all finally set up and working - problem is I can only see it on LAN or on favourites (when added through the ip address).

Could somebody check their internet server list to see if I'm on there (the server's called 'Zeroxx's Server - Instant Spawn!' and the map is 'cp_horizontal'. If it helps, the ip address/port is

I've appeared on, but not on
Just wanted to check if I'm on the internet list (because supposedly you can't see yourself on the internet list if you're on the network of the server). Thanks for any help.
Hey, I added it to my list. Shows up as that 0/24 players. Looks like you got it.
Awesome, thanks for checking.

Also... is getting on to the main 'internet' list a chance thing, or are all servers included?
Yep- can see it too - from the UK.
{DT-UK} Wozzer
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