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Kernel Recompile?

I have a Dual Xeon box which runs three of my servers nicely with little or no lag.

All are 66 tick and pull 150-250FPS. The server runs Debian Etch.

I'm wondering if it's worth recompiling my kernel to get more FPS. I tend to think "If it ain't broke, don't fix it", but it would be nice to squeeze more out.

What do you think?

I kind of stick to the same "If it ain't broke, don't fix it" pretty much if it's running good for you keep it going.
Only reason I would recompile it is if I was renting them out and people wanted more fps.
consistency is better than high fps, that being said it's not as hard as it seems and if you configure it to boot correctly it's easy to go back to your old kernel.
I've recompiled a kernel before, I'm just wondering whether its worth my time and effort if the server if running well anyway.

I'll keep things as they are. Thanks.
This site is what i learned from :
It was about 1 hour of my time Smile Compiling is what took the longest

Of course i went all the way up to 26.24.4.
i would go for it when you have time. You should be able to hit 500fps no problem
It's definitely worth the time invested, not just based on the FPS variable but tweaking other settings to help maintain consistent FPS.

Another solid option is enabling Hpet if your motherboard supports it.
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