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Web control panel ?
Hi all, me again ^^

I'm searching for a web based admin control panel.
I've found a webmin module for CS 1.6

but it's hmmm .... light and i've tested on a Source server, this module works at 90% (maybe more, i didn't try to make it work at 100% going to bed now Smile )
Is there a better web panel control than that ?
Maybe another webmin module or something other.
Thanks guys, have a nice night Smile
Is there alot demand for this? I am having a CP planned for quite some time now but never had the time to work on it. (Also have some PSD snippets of the GUI for ages heh)
I don't know if there is a lot of demand ... But i think if there is one thing like that, people will use it Smile

Sorry didn't understood this whole line:
"Also have some PSD snippets of the GUI for ages heh"

cu Smile
PSD = Photoshop Document, the standard filetype of Photoshop. So the 'PSD snippets' that SirTiger is talking about probably are 'parts' of the interface he was going to use for his CP (correct me if I'm wrong Wink).

I made my own CP in webmin based on a guide posted on the SteamPowered forums (and expanded it with a lot of other custom scripts). If you want, I'll try to gather information so you can make your own, but it probably is even 'lighter' then the Webmin module u tried to use.
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Thanks for translation Wink

Have you build the module like a wbm module ?
If one day you found the link for the howto ... it interest me Wink
So now going to bed or i'll have nice red eyes tomorow ^^

Byebye :p
FTP + hlsw = nice though, hlsw was kinda meant for hlds i suppose. GameCP is a good choice, but isn't free.
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I haven't built it like a Webmin module, for that I would have to find out how to do that first Wink.

Btw, after searching the SP forums I came up with this, but the website has been taken offline. Though I remembered somebody had a (plain text) copy of the website, which I downloaded to my hard drive. I've uploaded it to my webspace, check it here. It explains the installation of the srcds as well, but you can skip that part if you like.
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Nice translation goofy, was indeed what I ment.

Nice job on the Webmin mod btw.
Thanks for the link, gonna read that howto !
But HLSW is not a bad idea ...
What i really wanted to do is to allow user to start, stop, and restart their CS:S server.
Uploading maps, cfg files using FTP.
With the cron and some check scripts, the user will be able to do an "rcon quit" and via cron the server will restart ...
Just checking every 3 mins if server is up, if it's not, than starting it.
Thanks for help guys Smile Gonna see what's the best solution Wink
All that can be done with the Webmin CP from the howto (except maybe the uploading of maps/textfiles), but you have to make the scripts that perform those actions yourself. HLSW will have more options and will be more user-friendly, I'm pretty sure of that. But if you want a basic CP with basic functionality (and you don't mind doing most of the work yourself) I would recommend the Webmin CP.

Anyway - have fun with the CP you choose Wink.
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Want to know which ports to forward on your router for a Source DS? Click here!
Well there are some "non-free" alternatives if you want to pay some.
I've never really checked this thing out but maybe you are looking for something like this
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I've written a good one that's hosted on, it's called hldstart. It's written in PHP, you should check it out, it sounds like what you're looking for. You can edit/save mapcycles, start/stop servers and more. It works with hlds and srcds and all mods so far. It's free. Check it out.
~Greg Smile
Free game server control panel -

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