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CSS End of Round Lag/CHoke
i have a quad core box. and host 5 different sessions of source. When the Box is pretty full we have abotu 80people playing in it accross the different servers.

We have a particular problem that has been plauging us for some time.

At the very end of a round, for instance when the bomb blows or the last player on a team is killed, there is a stutter, like a huge choke or lag spike. Sometimes it is slightly perceptable and sometimes its very pronounced with the dead bodies standing up and falling down.

The odd thing about this is that we have had this problem on two seperate boxes for different companies, originally Hypernia and now AOWC.

The problem will sometimes be gone for weeks and then suddenly re-appears. Usually the only thing that will stop it is a complete box restart. Sometimes we are having to restart the box multiple times a day which isnt ok, considering that we have 2 24x7 servers running Zombie Master and ZOmbie Panic Source..

This lag issue has happened even when only one server is running on a box, with all others shut off.

We have tried different versions of mani: Currently using:
Mani v1.2BetaS
MM:S v1.4.2.414
EventScripts v2.0.0.247

Anyone seen an End of Round Lag like this, and have any clue as to how to fix?

Would be greatly appreciative.
I am still having this problem even after re-assigning cores to all. Anyone have any thoughts advice for me?
WAffen Wrote:anyone?

i can help you out do you have xfire its a gameing messenger add pimp1193 its faster to talk on there then forums
check what your chattime is set to?
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