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kicked when afk
i have a strange problem, i have in mani_server(the afk part) and server.cfg everything about that u get kicked when u are afk deleted but everytime if i spec someone i get kicked by console after 2 min, is there some other part in mani server that does that? cuz i cand find it or can it be from eventscript?
You need to give yourself the correct immunity in clients.txt
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ye but it happen tyo everyone, so i want it that it happen to no-one
hello, nobody knows how to stop it?
mp_idlemaxtime 0

If there is an option to make admins immune in mani's afk kicker, then I say you should use it, so that normal players done take up slots indefinitely.
so i put mp_idlemaxtime 0 in my server.cfg and then nobody gets kicked?
I know it works for TF2, not sure about other mods though.
I meant mp_idlemaxtime ""
or mp_idlemaxtime "really big number"

set to 0, it will boot people as soon as they join
mp_autokick 0
Whats the point in setting up the auto afk kicker if you are trying to stop people getting kicked now?

Or am I missing something?
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