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32Slot requirements

What cpu AMD X2, I must use at least 1 server with CSS/ 32 players /Tick 100 works without Laggs ?
I'm Guessing on this but a rough estimate would be.
AMD X2 6000+(3.0GHz DUAL), if not the 6400+ @3.2 GHz
1GB RAM but, 2 GB would be better
36 GB 10,000 RPM HDD, x2 would be best in RAID 0
1-2 Mb upload
Raid 0 is not recommended by me, since if one harddrive dies you lose everything. You would want raid 1 so you have a copy of everything.
32 slots I would say you would want at least 3-6Mb upload it's about the amount my server uses sometimes with that many players.

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