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core 2 duo q6600 4gb ram how many 32 player tf2 servers can i run ?
i had an exelent offer with a server

core 2 duo q6600
4gb ram
windows server installed
3TB bandwith on teir 1 network

i wonderd how many 32 player tf2 servers i could rum off this hardware

would 2 per core be pushing it ?
just in terms of bandwidth, you're going to be limited w/3TB (or pay overages) a full 7/24 24 man server uses anywhere from 550-650Gb/month. if you do the math a 32 man will use up to 860Gb/month so 4 of those will theoretically use 3.44TB. but since every server is different you'll just have to try and see what numbers you end up with, this is a rough estimate.
i already have 2 rearly full servers TBR Vipsters fun house 24/7 toy fort FAST DL INST RESPAWN TBR SERVER 2 CUSTOM MAPS 24/7 FAST DL [INSTANT RESPAWN] - Run By [TBR] Vipster

i look at the pc at 5am sometimes when i wake up to go to the loo and the funhouse is still nearly full!

and i run a shoutcast radio station averaging 8 listeners

i use a tad over 1.1tb a month for 2 servers and the radio

i have the fast downloads pointed to my isp's webspace

this is why i think 3tb is what i need for 4 servers and can upgrade later Smile

now all i need to know is what thease q6600's can run to go ahead or not go ahead with the deal

thanks for your reply
if you're not worried about the bandwidth then i think it can certainly handle one server per core.
1 per core will be fine, you *might* have enough left over on each core for a 24 man server using all cores - but possibly not, you'll have to experiment.

Working on 1 per core, if they are full most of the day, you'll exceed your bandwidth limit.
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thanks for your reply's this server seems an expensive option since there may be alot of wasted cpu power per core

im thinking of geting a dell poweredge r200 with an exeon cpu that is matched for the job and go for a colo option

look here

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