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I fail at scripting
I've been trying off and on to get some of the scripts posted here to work for me... such as restarting on rcon quit, starting when the server is rebooted, and srcds restarting daily.

I guess I am the noobiest Linux noob that you ever did see.

Basically what I need is a script that does all of that in my first paragraph..

1. Start the game servers automatically when the server is rebooted
2. restart the game server when rcon quit is used, instead of killing the process
3. Maybe automatically reboot the server itself once a week.

I am using Centos, and I will need detaild instructions for getting it to work.

I have 4 tf2 servers I want to run with it, all in seperate directories.

I gave up trying to do it myself, sorry if I sound too demanding.


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