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srcds.exe new parameter help!
I recently re-imaged my CSS DS today, and when I downloaded the latest hldsupdatetool.exe, it seems as if the parameters have changed. No worry though, they were actually laid out very simply.

But I'm still running into the same old issue of either
A) The hldsupdatetool starts to download HL2 deathmatch files, or other files that I DIDNT specify
B) It will download some of the CSS files, but not all, it seems as if it just gives up all of a sudden.

I have tried the following things:
-deleting clientregistry.blob
-deleting installationrecord.blob
-restarting my update script (multiple times)
-letting it run all the way through
-copied srcds.exe from my steam directory

I dunno, I know I'm not an idiot. Is anyone else having/had this problem and know how to fix it? I've been trying to get it up and running for the past 4 hours now. The other thing is... I'll download the latest hldsupdatetool.exe feed it the newer parameters, then it will nag me for using "old" parameters. I think the hldsupdatetool.exe is downloading an older version of itself or something.

Please Help
Hi flipfl0p
A) its normal that server downloading HL@, u need it to run source games
B) start game server and u will se that is all fine, when u look in directory, files will be there after u have first game

Thanks BornAgainst. Yes I downloaded the HL2 files and everything is good. I appreciate it.


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