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Odd network related problem
What is happening is that our servers run fine they do not crash but randomly either 1 of the 3 ips goes down. What I mean by down is that in the system tray it shows as being connected but yet no internet traffic goes through. I cannot even connect to the server via Remote desktop through that IP. Then all the players that were connected to servers on that IP get a "timeout" error. This problem only occurs when there is people connected to the servers. Also there are no console errors in any of the games.

If I leave it alone the servers will eventually have internet connection after about 5 mins. What I usually do though is connect by a different IP and "repair" the connection and all is fine.

Bandwidth isn’t a problem

Specs 2.8c p4
3 nic cards:
3 IP address 1 per card
2gb ram
Running 4 servers, 2ns, 1cs and 1css
1U box

Things I have tried:
Reinstalling Network card drivers.
Removed all types of firewalls.
Services are all correct.
Moved the IPs around onto different network cards.
Fresh reinstalls of all the games hosted on that box.

Thanks a bunch,
Another thing I have noticed is that all the servers that I have assigned to use .8 are only using .8 for recieveing and then the servers use .7 for sending packets back to the clients. I dont know why or how.

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