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Multiple SRCDS on one computer behind router?
I got a do you run multiple srcds behind a router.

I run my srcds on vista behind a D-link router. I already forward the all the necessary ports on the router to run a srcds. I want to run more than 1 srcds but using the same ip but different ports. I've seen many threads saying that you just need to specify the "-port XXXX" in the command line. Some others say you don't really need the "-ip or +ip" in command line. I tried running one with different ports and same ip but I always get that error "couldn't allocate dedicated server UDP port". The only time I've been successful launching a server and having it secured is when I just do multiple ips on my computer, but I don't really want to do that because it gets kind of confusing with several ips to assign to servers. I just want to run multiple srcds that use the same ip but differents ports like -port 27015, -port 27016...but whenever I finish successfully launching the first server and I start the second...I always get that error mentioned above.

Here's my command line.

I use ServerChecker to launch my srcds.

First server:
C:\SRCDS1\srcds.exe -console -game cstrike -port 27015 -ip -tickrate 66 -maxplayers 32 +map de_dust2 +mp_dynamicpricing 0 -autoupdate +servercfgfile server1.cfg

Second server:
C:\SRCDS2\srcds.exe -console -game cstrike -port 27016 -ip -tickrate 66 -maxplayers 64 +map zm_boatescape5_remix +mp_dynamicpricing 0 -autoupdate +servercfgfile server2.cfg

Is something I am missing or a requirement such as a command to be able to launch multiple srcds on one computer behind a router. I already check my antivirus and firewall...they don't really interfere with anything. I have UAC in vista turned off a long time ago.

Also I got another question...whenever I launch a server and I go check it on the internet like gametiger, game monitor, or other sites. The ports are always seem to be random. They are never 27015 with the external ip. They are like my internal ip like that. I was wondering if it had to do with my router or something else. I have a d-link wbr 2310 router. Any suggestions or links to other sites that can I help me is grealty appreciated.
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