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Linux setup help
Just installed srcds for hl2mp on Ubuntu 7.10 with Mani and everything runs fine.

Some things I need help on and that I have no clue how to do:

1. how do I set the server name?
2. Can I create a "startup" file with all the variable much like the (./srcds_run -console -game hl2mp +map dm_whatever -maxplayers 16 -autoupdate)?

Also, how would I best optimize my system for optimal performance? Here are my system & bandwidth details below:

2 - Xeon HT 2.0GHz processors - SuperMicro board
2GB 667 ECC Ram
40,409Kb/s Down - 1035Kb/s UP - Per

Thanks guys
I figured out the hostname part. Smile

Also I have HLSW but I cannot connect. I added the Rcon password in my mani_server.cfg but I am still unable to connect. Is there another place I also set the Rcon_password? I tried the regular server.cfg as well but no luck.

Thanks again!
set your ip in your launch params.

Also the howto install tutorial on the homepage for linux answers question 2
rcon password must be set in your server.cfg. The one in mani must match the one in server.cfg.

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