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Dedicated server with client side stuttering
I just recently installed ubuntu, stripped it down and then used xfce for the gui to conserve memory and cpu.

The machine I am running it on is a P4 2.6ghz box with 512mb ram. I am only trying to run 16 users on the server but here is the kicker... It stutters with ONE user in it. It is not aweful but it is definately noticeable.

CPU usage is in the low to mid teens %50 is availabe(i know could be more) and ping to the server is good. I run rcon stats in the console and the FPS is around 980 and cpu is 0.00.

I have messed around with the tick rate and update rates and nothing seems to help.

I am stumped i have reconfigured the cfg files several different ways, I've removed everything i could from the server just to be safe. The ONLY thing running is srcds.

Any ideas, tips, comments would be appreciated.
How much bandwidth do you have? Is it hosted at home?
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Yes and I have 8mbit down 2 mbit up. The funny thing is, it stuttered on me when I connected through the lan and my ping was 5. 3 ther people were connected with a ping in the 40-50s.

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