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Help! how do i get to lower the players pings
Hi Guys.

I have just built a new cs source deicated server with a athlon 3200+xp cpu, 512mb ddr 3700 400mhz ram, 80 gig sata harddrive, windows 2000 sp4 firewalled with latest zonealarm, all is running great and i have just upgraded my broadband (telewest) to 4 mb.

I am having players come in with an average ping of aroung 58 to 110.

how can i get the pings to drop a little as i would like to get this servre running at its peak.

my uptime is 354kbs, and i have nothing running in the background that may lag this system.

Any advice would be great.
Well - Unless your only running a 6 player server your upload speed is going to be the biggest factor. SourceDS takes like 50Kbps per player to run effectively - Your 354Kbps isn't going to do it justice especially if you're using it for more than just the server. Apart from that you'll want to make sure you have your CPU priority set to Above Normal or High - On most of my servers that fixed my main lag problems.
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