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Dedicated server crashes often
Well after a few days of using steam team fortress 2 dedicated server, it started to crash very often, and takes a long time to query.
I have 1 mb bandwidth. but i think the high ping is caused by the ISP with its bad internet service (tmnet). i get about 40% of timeouts when i ping US

First, everytime it changes level when i'm in, it crashes with the application error of "cannot read memory" from windows. And sometimes when i join game, the server crashes

Another bad thing is, there is high ping when i check online about 77 from my own computer if it goes through internet (not LAN).
Does anyone know how to correct this?

For my server cfg, the only thing i changed is sv_gravity,mp_respawnwavetime ,mp_disablerespawntime and mp_fraglimit . The rest is default except for the server name, maps, win conditions and rcon

I use windows xp, 1GB ram with 2.8 GHz. its 5 years old at least.

Also, can you provide recommendations on a good modem that supports 2 computers nicely without over heating or having to disconnect one of the computers if the other uses lots of bandwidth.

And lastly, is there a simple way for the server to use decals that i want it to use instead of the standard ones?

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