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After Starting TF2 - my server shows up under custom tab, not in main Internet tab
Hey all, hosing a TF2 server on ubuntu 7.10 64bit server ed. When refreshing the steam server list inside the game, my server does not come up in the main category tab 'Internet' but shows up in the 'Custom' category. Is there a way i could set it so that it would show up under 'Internet' ?
are you using any of the following cvars...
tf_birthday 1
mp_disable_respawn_times 1
mp_respawnwavetime < 10
sv_alltalk 1

+maxplayers > 25
Most admin-mods let you clear your tags. Just do that and you should be kosher Smile
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or you can put in sv_tags in console, see what it's saying, then fix the setting.

If it's saying increased_maxplayers, then run 24 slots or less.

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