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Server Ping Spikes Really High

I have an odd problem that is occurring with HLDS, but I figured it might be a similar problem also found in SRCDS.

I have some HLDS servers running on Centos 5 64-bit. The servers will run quite nicely for about 12 hours, then there is an odd thing where the pings of everyone in all of the HLDS servers goes really high, like in the 200-300's. It is odd because the overall box CPU usage is no more than about 5% during this time and if you just ping the box from command prompt, you get very low, normal consistent ping. I don't know if this is some sort of system trip up or what, but a reboot of the box fixes it for that 12 hours block.

I just find it odd that the only place where the pings go high is in-game. The pings will go up high, stay there for maybe 10 seconds, then drop back to normal, then about 45seconds later they go high again. I know it isnt any plugins or what not lagging the servers cause it happens on all 5 servers running and even when there is no more than a few people in the server.

Has anyone had this experience with Centos? Is it maybe 64-bit causing it?

Any input would be appreciated. Thanks

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