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Can't connect to own server?
I was able to host the server on one of my pc.
I can see it on the public server listing.
But my problem now is that when I ust another computer at home to connect to the server, it kept asking me for login password. It said my steamticket expired. And when I entered my password, it just loops back again and again. When I click cancel, I get Invalid Steam User ID Ticket.

I am ok connecting to other servers.

Any suggestion?
give us some more information

which program are you using on your other pc to run the server? srcds or hl

did you set it up a a lan server or internet?

are you trying to reach it thru your lan?

are you on a router?

do you have a firewall up?

what os are you running?
Thanks in advance muerte !

Server PC:

I am using srcds to run the server on WinXP.
I am running both PC with a Linksys router.

I have followed the instruction in the tutorial here.
I can see my server showing at the internet listing and my lan listing.

I am trying to connect from the Internet listing

No firewall.

Steam PC:
Using steam to find my server on the internet listing.
Using WinXP.

Ok if understand you, you have set up a server one one machine using the srcds, you are trying to connect thru steam from another machine in the same LAN but you are using the internet.

I assume the server is working properly and other players can join your server. If you have not tested that PM me the ip or the server name and I will try to join.

One problem I see is that your server is in the same IP as your client computer. that is probably the reason you cannot connect.

But that doesnot answer the question about your password not being valid. That is pretty weird. Theoretically if you installed the server using the dedicated server program you donot need a password to run srcds so your username and password should not be in use. something else is wrong here.

test if others can join i will try to figure out the PW problem. unless somebody else i here has an answer.
You need to add the LAN IP address of the server machine to the favourites list on the machine you are trying to connect from. Then join the server using the entry in the favourites list.

The problem lies in the fact that steam gets really confused when a machine tries to connect back to itself (which is how it looks from the internet side) thru the internet lobby. If you do it the favourites way this is all bypassed.
Thanks for the info Phatboy. It works fine when I connect thru LAN. I noticed on the console that when I connect it reads my Lan IP. At least it's working fine now.
There is a known bug in Steam .. If you connect to it will not allow you to play. Instead enter your lan IP (10.0.0.x) and you should have no problems.

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