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2000 Server Side FPS

I was curious about anyone's experience with 2000 FPS servers. While it is beyond pointless in my opinion, I have only been able to get ~950 FPS while fps_max is set at 1000. My kernel timer is set at 1000HZ.

My clients are asking about 2000 FPS servers, so I was curious what one might have to do to get server-side FPS up to 2000.

Thanks in advance,

Just keep bumping up that kernel timer and see what you get. You could also try a real-time kernel to see if there is a distinct difference.
its an extreme waste of system resources. but yea just keep bumping the kernel timer.
I'm sure it is; we may use a separate server for the 2000 FPS....thanks for the responses.
I've been able to reach 2000 FPS, however it wasn't stable nor beneficial.

Must haves are a real-time kernel patch (
Along with a high performance timer for accurate time keeping.
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