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When i 1st downloaded (mani) it never had the Skins folder so now that i made one the stuff wont show up in the server, any help.

Quote:"ADMINFIN Army" m91.txt
<-thats for CT admin skin thats all it says in my "admin_ct.txt" file.

Quote:"ADMIN Skull" skull.txt
<-thats for T admin skin that all it says in my "admin_t.txt" file

skins downloaded from ICS Base last 2 are the skins i downloaded
[Image: usebarweedrr6.jpg]
If you are having problem with Mani Admin, i suggest you head over to their website/forums for more detailed help.

Also, have a look at the documentation manual provided on the Mani Admin site. There is a section specifically for Skins under the Installation > Configuration section.

It's been a while since i played with skins in Mani Admin - did you try the following in mani_server.cfg:

mani_skins_force_choose_on_join 1

Also, have you looked through mani_server.cfg to check all the skin settings currently configured?

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