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The last thing I wanted to do is join a community just to ask 1 question so looks like ill be sticking around now lol :-)

Ok let’s start from the beginning
I installed vista on a pc I was given from my old man
P4 3ghz 1g or ram 6800gts and a raptor hdd
A bit of a pup compared with my rig never the less I thought I would load a css server on it

So downloaded steam installed the dedicated server “I know what you are saying right about now but keep reading ;-)”

It works unreal with HL2 quick as hell, but with Css server takes 2 to 3 mins to load and then when changing maps takes about the same time.... ok
So I installed XP only because vista crashes the server when running the RPG mod..

XP installed..... I then come across your site
I downloaded the hldsupdatetool and followed all the instructions to the letter
Once again!!! The server will load HL2 servers instantly try and load CSS takes 2 mins to start up and the same amount of time to load the next map....
But this time I have the console telling me what the server is doing in that time...

It seems to be stuck on
Executing dedicated server config file... after 2 mins its starts up
I made the server.cfg file from
Loaded it and it still was slow to load...

Any help with this would be great..

Cheers Guys
I see you mentioned RPG mod, are you still trying to run CSS with that mod enabled?

It could possibly be that if it is - since you mentioned that HL2 servers start quick. So try without RPG mod.

Are you also specifying a map in the startup command line?

+map de_dust2
yeah put the map command cause if you dont it may freeze happened to me
The server wont work unless a map is given. You can boot up without a map, you should just have to enter a command like "changelevel de_dust2" before the server is usable.

However booting up without a map is NOT recommended.
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Hi thanks for the reply
I am starting the server with a map and there are no mods running..

Stuffed if i know how to fix it spent a few days on it now driving me up the wall


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