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Server Problem On Master List and Gametiger

I am having a problem with my dedicated server. It is located at a friends house and I am able to both see it and connect to it from my house. It also appears on the master list at my house. Everything seems to be working correctly. However, it has been running for several days and no one connected to it, this got me wondering if it it really working correctly, or if for some reason it only lets me connect.

Anyway, like I said, the server shows up on my master list, but when I got to and type in the address it does not show up. Also, when I sort by map or name, it again does not show up. According to gametiger it does not exist, but according to steams master list it does.

Anyone know what is going on here?

If anyone wants to try and find it, the ip address is
and the name is "[MEH] NEW!! Custom Map Dedicated 24/7 Server With Ranks"

Please tell me if you can connect to it, or find it with game tiger. I'm pulling my hair out trying to figure out why it doesn't show up on gametiger for me.

I guess game tiger is just really slow at updating. I restarted the server and waited for about 45 minutes, now it seems to be showing my server. Hopefully it continues to show my server...

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