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help configure?
Okay I am so new to the srcds stuff and I have no idea what I'm doing. First of all, I have no idea what the server.cfg is. I have no idea what the Mani Admin Plugin is. My server doesnt even show up in the internet search (only on LAN even though I have it set to internet). All i know haw to do is to create the server and play alone on it (kinda sad). I need help on how to get all the configuration for the server and how to actually play as an admin. Can somebody kindly explain to me ALOT of the configuration/comands/etc?

**extra info: Counter-Strike Source. srcds is installed on my computer, not on its own router or something like that. Oh yeah I use the Steam GUI program too.
Use the srcds instead of steam.
It needs to be running on a different box then you play on.
And since you are probably behind a router (if it's at home) you need to forward your ports.

Start with that.
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Since you are on the same network as well, it will only show in LAN for you.
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