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Cannot connect using Trendnet-SW100 Router
Please help me, I have read many topics and searched the internet for help using this router but I am not quite sure what I should do to make SRCDS work with my current setup. I know that it will work when the router is not connected - when I am directly connected to the internet - but when I plug the router back in I am unsure which options to change to enable port forwarding, I think I might be on the right trak with what I am trying to do but I don't know what else I could do...

I have a Trendnet TW100-S4W1CA
I login fine, and here are the options I can select:
System, WAN, LAN, NAT, Firewall, Routing
I select NAT
These are the options in NAT:
Special Application, Virtual Server
I select Special Application, here is the description in the router page of Special Application "Special Application

Applications such as Internet gaming, video conferencing, and Internet telephony require multiple connections. The Special Application feature allows these applications to work properly.
" So I can input a trigger port, trigger type (TCP/UDP), Public Port, Public Type (TCP/UDP), and enabled. I have put Trigger port - 27015/tcp public port 27015/tcp, and this is enabled. (I am using 27015 because that is what it was in the game while i was connected without the router being used.) Are these settings correct, or do I need something changed? thanks!
That sounds correct, it seems that you're on the right track concerning the configuration of your router. You only need to forward some more ports/ranges (wow, I'm posting this a LOT recently :p).

You should forward these ports/ranges:
Goofy666 Wrote:[UDP] 1200 (used for Steam's Friends service)
[UDP] 27000 to 27015 (so that means all ports in between too)
[TCP] 27030 to 27039 (idem)
=> these are all Steam related ports

[UDP] 27015 and 27020 (default DS port, also used for HLTV)
[TCP] 27015 (you want to forward this for RCON access)
=> these ports are used by the dedicated server itself
May the Source be with you...

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I cannot do ranges, or at least i don't know how... I don't think there is enough room to do all of those individually. What do I need to do if i run out of space? or how do i post ranges?
You should check the manual of your router for that. For example - with the router that I am using I have to set every port as a range, it says something as "from ... to ...", the dots represent places where I need to fill in port numbers. If I want to forward one port, I fill in the same number twice. In case of a range the first port would be in the first field, the last port in the second field.

Otherwise, can you post a screenshot of the router's control panel? (only the section about port forwarding)
May the Source be with you...

Want to know which ports to forward on your router for a Source DS? Click here!

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