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Need Guru help for Server and TF2 problems and questions.
Hello, Im not entirely new to linux server world, but theres so much different information around there that I'd like to verify from source that actually knows what they are talking about. So if you know your stuff, please feel free to point those things out, and if not, please do not. Smile

Im something of a perfectionist trying to run quality TF2 server for highly demanding bunch, me included. The server computer is as follows:

* CPU: 2x AMD Opteron 265 1.8GHz Dual Core (4 cores)
* Connection: 100/100 FD (Dedicated)

Currently running debian Linux #3 SMP Wed Nov 28 14:50:06 EET 2007 x86_64 GNU/Linux kernel.

Using 4 cores well

There are 2 TF2 servers running on that computer. Which would be the smartest way of using the cores? Dedicate 1 core for each server or use 2 cores for 1 server? Or does it even matter at all?

About the kernel:

Is there any truth to the performance boost of increasing kernel to lets say 500hz or 1000hz? Will the normal kernel perform well for TF2 (and other source servers)? And should I use the newest kernel or does it really even matter? What is a "tickless" kernel? Is there any other optimizations that would help a pure game server? Is debian just as good as lets say Ubuntu for server, or is it just matter of the kernel version in use?

About TF2 itself:

It seems that the server Tickrate is capped at 66 at the moment. Is this truly true and is there any point using server at 100 tickrate whatsoever ?
My server is currently running at 150fps although I put fps_max to 600, and the cpu usage isnt capped, why is this? Is fps_max even valid server command anymore? Does server fps even matter as long as its over 100 and is it somehow related to kernel tickrate?

For some reason SourceTV port is 27021 even if we try to change it via the srcds command line or via server.cfg. Is this a bug or am I missing something else ? I've read that is good idea to use ports like server1:27015 server2: 27035 etc and not like 27015-27016 etc. Is this true, and if so, what does srcds use the ports 27016 for if the default port is in use?

Is it wise to force high server updaterate and cmdrate if you have a good connection and wish lag free players on your server? Assuming that they have good connection and some of them dont know how to addjust rates for themselves.

Is the following good for 66 tickrate server as advertised?

sv_minrate 13000
sv_maxrate 25000
sv_minupdaterate 33
sv_maxupdaterate 67
sv_mincmdrate 33
sv_maxcmdrate 67
sv_client_cmdrate_difference 1
sv_client_predict 1
sv_client_interpolate 1
sv_client_min_interp_ratio -1
sv_client_max_interp_ratio -1

If my server has only has players with quality connections wouldn't it be smarter to use higher minupdaterates ? Using higher maxrates then 67 dont help if the server tickrate is set to 66 correct?

Well that about covers it. Thanks in advance for any help and helpers.
srcds doesnt support smp, so each instance will only use 1 core at a time no matter what you assign. i wouldnt worry about it as the kernel shouldnt let both be on the same cpu when the servers are under load.

the high fps kernels do have a positive affect on srcds in most instances as long as your system can handle it. with tf2 however anything over 250 is probably over kill so maybe experiment in making a kernel for 500fps and doing a fps_max 350 (this will end in 250fps via stats in srcds console)

adjusting your min update rates wont really effect much for your highend connection people. what affects them is their cl_cmdrate cl_updaterate and rate settings. make sure they match the servers max rates

as for ports, ive never set up a tf2 server, but from reading around there seems to be some issues with the sourcetv and changing ports. Im not the one to answer that question
Hmm it seems that server FPS drops a lot if the server is almost full. When there are 18 players the fps drops even down to 30-40 while the cpu usage in top is about 70%. Whats going on here? Srcds is running on 1 core but even 265 opteron should give more performance, right? There is nothing else running on the server either Sad
well it seems that they cant handle tf2
I'm running a windows server, but I disabled FPS boosting. When people joined it would lag like all hell Sad
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