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Need help with server. please. -.- (solved)
Hi, to be honest i'm not that good with all this console stuff, but my problem is that the server I made cannot connect to internet. I can see it myself on favourites, by entering my external IP, as I am on router. But my friends cannot. And also, in the "LAN" section, it says my server is running, if this is of any help, so how can my friends join and play on the server? and btw I have forwarded all my ports (i'm on a bthomehub router) using, also I have checked to see whether the server is showing up on, and I have disabled the firewall for srcds. So I really do not know what the problem with my server is. The srcds, is running and at the end it does say VAC secure mode is activated, so please help me. (I live in Britain, so sorry if I can't reply to you ontime if you can help me.) Also what is DMZ? (sorry if i'm asking so many questions)
You may have it set ONLY LAN mode... Also make sure the proper ports are forwarded--IF ALL OF THEM are not on there--especially a few, then you will definitely have trouble finding and connecting!

The abbreviation DMZ typically refers to a demilitarized zone, an area where military equipment and activity are prohibited.

(Which not to be mean but you could have "googled" it and found an answer in .15 seconds...)

Hope i don't confuse u...
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Well, in the server.cfg, my server code is, sv_lan 0, but it is still on lan and friends cannot connect, when i give them my external ip
It will ALWAYS show up on LAN, even when it's a web server.
It should like a router problem. Make sure you have port forwarding set correctly.
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i'm sure my router is not faulty, but i have forwarded the ports on my hub, following portforward, so that shouldn't be the case. So i still don't know what is wrong.
o yeah, when i give my ip to friends, do i have to give them the port number as well at the end of the ip for instance:, and is it even 27015?
i have found the answer to my problems, god knows how but i have. SO, how do i section off this thread, as it is not needed anymore? (like how do I say it has been answered?)
Edit the title of it and just add to the end of it: (Solved)
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