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Fps lowering
Is it normal for your servers fps to drop if you leave it up for awhile? I turn it on in the morning and leave it on during the day so my friends can play on it, but each time when I come home I see that the fps is at like 10. Is it normal for it to do that? How can it be fixed? i have in my autoexec.cfg fps_max 600.
Uhh... Sounds like you got a memory leak somewhere. What else are you running on the server?

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All I have running is mattie's plugin and mani-admin. I also have 4gb of ram but windows only detects 3gb since windows is stupid, lol. I have it running now for bout half an hour and its staying at bout 450 average. This time I'm not running the fps booster and I took out +fps_max 600 in the command line.
Which eventscripts are you running? I've had a few of those totally hose my server.

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i have kay surf (for my surf maps), vote system, ace adminlist, ace match, and event map end.
Quote:only detects 3gb since windows is stupid

That's the 32-bit architecture. Not Window's fault.

What version of ES are you running? is the latest.
I am running the latest, and I was looking over why it only detected 3gb i briefly looked. Haha, and I am running the latest version of ES. The server has been up for about 2 hours now, and it's still around 450. So if it stays there it was either the fps_max 600 being in the command line or me not running the fpsbooster. I notice it doesn't boost my fps when I run it, it continue's to remain at 450.
I thought 32-bit had a 4gig limit.

You might have some bad ram. I'd look into that.

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I did look into it. 32-bit doesn't have a 4gb limit, it is a 3gb limit. I thought it was bad ram too but I called up corsair and asus (motherboard company, thought maybe bad slot on motherboard) but 32-bit does only detect 3gb. In the bios it detects all 4, just when I'm in windows and go to my computer properties, it only says 3gb.
Technically it's 4 Gigs.
However due to hardware limitations and Microsoft limitations, 32 bit windows ins limited to slightly over 3 gigs. I've heard 3.2 gigs is about right.
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u have the fpsbooster running?
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I'm running it now again, restarted it for an update thing I was doing, and now I'm running it with the booster, it seems to be staying in the 450 range. I guess it could've been the +fps_max 600 in the command line. I don't think it was just an random error because it did it to me 3 days in a row.
Mooga Wrote:Technically it's 4 Gigs.
However due to hardware limitations and Microsoft limitations, 32 bit windows ins limited to slightly over 3 gigs. I've heard 3.2 gigs is about right.

You're right. A 32-bit computer has 4GB of "address space" (not sure whether that's the right term). However, other peripherals such as PCI and Video cards use up some of this, leaving less for the RAM.

64-bit can handle over 512GB of RAM. Much, much more, I think.

Sorry for going off topic.

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