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Help on joining own dedicated server.
Hey folks, I have a problem for my hidden:source dedicated server. I can't seem to join it and I get the error that my client cannot connect after 4 retries.

I have changed my dedicated server port to 27016 and also include sv_lan 0 in my startup.

An interesting thing to note, I can join other hidden servers if I close my server but once my dedicated server is up, I get a 'cannot connect after 4 retries' when I try joining other people's games.

So I'm guessing it has to do with some port problem. Any fixes? Thanks!
It sounds like you are running the server on the same computer you are playing on.
You can't do that.
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Arh, poop. Lol thanks.
I've managed this before...All I did was forward all the ports on my router and set the dedicated server to port 27015.
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