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[Scripting] Listening to SRCDS
Hi everybody !

I intend to make a script (PHP-command line, anyway), doing like the perl script HLstatsX (well, not like it 'cause if that was the case, I would take HLStatsX Shy).

I just wanna know how can you listen to the live-log of SRCDS. I'm running a Windows SRCDS server.

I have "log on" and a log_address, with a port. I managed, through a class to send rcon commands, etc, but I would like to listen to the chat.

I know I can read log file, but these aren't real time logs, (I have to wait the end of the map).

What are the kind of queries I have to send, and what I have to expect in return from SRCDS ?

Thank you Smile
You have to send the logs to yourself.
You then get them real-time.
I would also recommend you look around LART's forums. He modded HLstatsX for free TF2 support and has a lot of knowledge with this stuff.

Although I don't think you can catch logs with PHP. That's why HLstatsX currently uses a Perl to catch the logs.
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Hey !

Thank you Mooga !

I'm gonna take a look. You can run PHP in command line, and then listen to whatever you want. That's the same principle than PERL (except that your run "php.exe"). But thank you anyway Smile !

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