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Server and client on same computer
I made a dedicated counterstrike server on my computer. I can connect to it from other computers but I would like to connect to the server from the same computer. I assume that it's a port issue between the client and the host. This is my target line in my SRCDS.exe: C:\srcds\srcds.exe -console -game cstrike -port 27016 +ip +maxplayers 20 +map gg_fy_snow

It just says tried connection 4 times and never connects when I try to connect to the server. Do I need to change the port somewhere else for it to connect. The host/client computer is running vista business 32-bit. Let me know if you need anymore info.

Thanks for your help!!
#2 cant. Its pot luck if you can host and play on the same computer. Some can, some cant. Sorry.
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Try to add your server to your favorites by I.P. and Port:

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