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[help] cpu problems
hey guys, i just noticed yesterday when i was looking through the system monitor on FC3 it said i had 2 cpus....that isnt possible so does that mean that my CS:S server is be processed with the all the power or just split on one part of the cpu? does this need to be fixxed or do you think i should keep it like it is? Im still new to linux so any advice is most definately appreciated

p4, 3.06 GHz
Fedora Core 3
Kernal 2.6
If your CPU supports HyperThreading than it's absolutely normal. Use Google to find more info about it, and you'll see why Fedora sais you have two CPU's.
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yea its a p4 3.06 GHz HT cpu, does that mean i do that smp kernal update
HT makes a virtual cpu so the system reads it as 2 cpus for threading reasons, yes, you want an SMP kernel.

srcds is only using 1 CPU as it does not thread across CPUs.
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