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Multiple Clients Connecting From The Same IP Address
I am an administrator for a small number of SRCDS servers, and recently we have been having issues with multiple users connecting from the same IP address. I have been running some tests with two users that are clan members, but I cannot seem to isolate the issue. So far we have tried the following:

Having them set different connection ports
Disabling SourceMod
Disabling VAC
And changing a number of settings in our server.cfg file

So far no luck. The issue was first noticed last Friday after that major patch came out, and I am somewhat baffled as to the cause. I do not think it makes a difference but this is a linux based server running CentOS 5.1. (I had been trying to research if it might be something in my linux install restricting multiple users with the same IP, but as of yet I have not found anything.)

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